Travel With Me

My ideal travel planning setup 🙂

Have you always dreamed of exploring Paris? Not sure where to go and feeling uncertain because you don’t know the language? Would you prefer to have a personal guide who knows the language to curate an unforgettable experience for you, AND accompany you to navigate the French culture and travel details?

I offer group travel opportunities (sorry gentlemen, this is for the ladies only) to help you get the most out of your trip. You’ll have the advantage of my local knowledge, my French language skills, and my ability to adjust when things don’t go as planned!

I will plan all of the elements of your trip, including finding the best places to stay and eat, most efficient transport, and top unique experiences. Whether you prefer to have everything planned out each day, or would rather keep a more free-flowing vibe, I am flexible!

What You Get:

– Consultation to discuss your goals and interests, and timelines for availability to travel. 

– Securing accommodations based on the size of our group (up to 5 persons in addition to myself)

– Sightseeing tailored to your interests. Have you always wanted to take a French cooking class? Always dreamed about creating your own perfume? These are just a couple of examples of experiences I can set up for you during your trip. Not sure what you want to do? No worries, I have plenty of ideas. There is always something to see!

– Restaurant reservations tailored to your interests and tastes. Please communicate any dietary restrictions, and the reservations will be for restaurants that can accommodate. 

– Flight booking advice for the best routes and top frequent flier mile redemptions. *We will do our best to fly together, but if your frequent flier mileage plan takes you on another flight, we will safely meet up in Paris at a predetermined location.

– Car rental booking for your itinerary, if necessary

– Train bookings if necessary, and Metro information and advice

– Passport advice, as well as pre-trip meet-ups to get to know one another and discuss optimal packing, cultural differences, and general travel tips. *Could be in person, or Zoom meetings depending on where the members of the group live.

– Customized travel guide with tailored recommendations, and all pertinent information for your trip of a lifetime!

The Bookings:

I will book MOST of our trip well in advance, and you will reimburse me for the costs of the following: accommodation(s), local tickets to museums, events, and other experiences to ensure that we all have the same time/date; rental car when applicable; train tickets when applicable. There are a few exceptions including flight bookings and metro tickets – you will purchase these yourself. During the trip, you will also be responsible for your own food costs; we will rotate who buys dinner each evening so that we are not bothering the waiters with splitting the check. *Please be mindful to not “load up” on the nights when you are not paying 😉

The Cost:

Pricing depends on the number of travelers and the length of the trip. I do not charge for the amount of time it takes to plan the trip (many, many hours), nor the 24/7 accompaniment and expertise while traveling. Essentially, my flight and accommodation costs will be split and paid for by the group of travelers.  My joy comes from revealing to others the beauty of my favorite city and country!

Still have questions? Want to chat Paris? Ready to book your trip? Whatever the case, click the button below to fill out my contact page and let’s chat!