About Me

Bonjour, I’m Amy!

Paris lover, travel planner!

Welcome to The Paris Planner blog! Here’s a bit of info about me. My love of all things French really started with the French language when I was in high school, so long ago! I took the obligatory 2 years of French, then followed up with 4 years at University (Go Cougs!) with the goal to become a high school French teacher. However, life gets in the way of our dreams sometimes, and I diverted my degree over to business administration. Once my daughters were in high school themselves, I accompanied each of them on school trips to Europe, including a 2016 trip to Paris  – that long awaited destination that I could not afford to pull off in college! That’s all it took to reignite my dreams! I hit the French books again, and began researching for my next trip(s) to this beautiful place that feels like a second home to me! I’ve always had an interest in photography, so the blog seemed like a natural extension to share my excitement over the many gorgeous locales along the way.

My Favorite Things ♡

1.       I’m a coffee addict. I swing by Starbucks any time I have the opportunity, and my youngest daughter Julia is now following in these footsteps. It’s kind of our mutual love language. ♡

2.       Love the PNW. I’m from the Seattle area originally, moved to the small town of Pullman to attend WSU (Go Cougs!), and finally moved to an even smaller town called Connell with my husband many years ago. Imagine acres upon acres of dryland wheat fields, and that’s where you’ll find me! Two of my three adult daughters live in Seattle, and the other in Pullman, so I get to see a lot of this beautiful state all the time and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

3.       My free time is filled with French related activities: French lessons when my budget allows, daily French on Duolingo, reading French travel guides and travel fiction, watching French movies and shows on Netflix – yep! I’m obsessed, and love to continue learning all about my favorite location and culture in the world!

4.       I’m a Dreamer! Now that I’m an empty nester, it’s a great time to focus on my dreams once again! Traveling is HUGE for me, and has taught me so much about the world – changing my perspective and shifting my priorities! I’m all about experiencing new places and new activities, rather than accumulating things. This blog is a big part of sharing who I am, and continuing to share a broader world view. Here’s to chasing your dreams!

What I Do:
  • Travel Planning
  • Small Group Travel
  • Personal Travel Guide
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Photography